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Hi, Nicole 🙂 Thank you for your kind message. You’re doing great for investing both PH stocks and foreign stocks. And of course, copying me on eToro 🙂 It’s always better to have both investment. You can invest 30% to PH stocks and 70% to eToro. I’ve been investing in the Philippine stock market for 2 years and I’ve finally decided to buy international stocks this march 2020. I’ve been researching and earning money for it since last year . I’ve copied you in etoro by the way.

  • I was able to trade, but it seems I didn’t gain any profit.
  • Thank you for providing potential stocks for free and in a very simple and informative way.
  • On average, I incurred around 6% loss as of this time.
  • If you want to buy, sell and trade stocks online, you must have an online account with any of the brokerage firms below.
  • Or we should sell the stocks na?
  • The author has no business relationship to the companies whose stocks have been mentioned.

Hello again, with fantastic 5 I buy and then sell at target price. with these stock i have to check every day. Prices can change or changes during the day right. I think i can manage 5 f5 stocks. But I am also a busy senior citizen.

Other Stock Picks:

I dont know the pca method is it a method i should know, I buy the big stocks and just leave em alone for the next 10 years. The Big 5 stocks above are very good for long term investing. It is so hard to balanced the port, specially if other stocks price are above bbp. i have fgen since 2015 my average is 27.76 and my loss is 20k+ as of this date. I think this is the right time if you wanted to buy fgen.

LexaTrade scam

Downside lang po, baka di masyadong okay na 10 shares lang per month, kasi talo tayo sa transaction fees. The commission fee has a minimum charge of Php 20 per transaction. Hi, Jenn 🙂 I’m using COL Financial for most of my stocks since it’s the top online broker when I started investing.

You can use it if you are following SAM strategy or if you are an investor type. Hi, possible reason po is because of the tax and commission when you bought the stocks. Your avg price should be higher than the market price to see a gain. By today you should have received an email from COL regarding your trade and you can see the breakdown from there. Experts, pls correct me if i’m wrong. Yes, because the PSE uses a minimum Board Lot or round lot system that specifies the minimum amount of shares one can buy or sell. The minimum amount of shares will depend on the market price of the stock.

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There are bunch of reasons why people invest. In this topic we will be pertaining on the Top 5 Reasons why people invest and what are the risks. Trading itself is a very risky kind of activity. Moreover, when you bump into many scams and start thinking, “Oh, why forex is a scam? ” it is hard to trust any broker. Today we are going to do a LexaTrade review and see whether this is another scam or truly a legit broker. The broker must provide all the necessary tools for trading and have a simple and intuitive interface.

willing to learn naman po ako. Or, you can open an account at a broker in which country the Jollibee stock you want to purchase, and ask if they can open an account for a Canadian resident. I think they already lexatrade official site have an online trading platform. I saw it from a fellow investor’s post. i invest in us stock market in 2016, well a big difference in Pse. but in order to that, you must comply the basic requirements.

My AC stock is for long term, while ALI and MP are for flipping. What do you think will be Foreign exchange market the future of these stocks if the government files a case against Ayala and Pangilinan?

I hope you can give some insights on this. Your questions are smart and they are not stupid. I always consider myself newbie as well coz I like to learn more and more. Hi, big 5 follows your own Target Term instead of Target Price. Big 5 stocks are premium stocks that can be invested for long term.

I just applied for an account in BPI Trade. I was able to trade, but it seems I didn’t gain any profit. Another problem I have is I can’t find any tutorials online. I have already bought stocks from 4 companies.

As promised, here are our Top 10 Stock Picks also known as Magic 10 Stocks. We like to keep investing and buying these stocks regularly until our target price or target period. Now we will be indicating here some reasons, tips and where-about why people take risk money. People invest in different terms, such cases they eventually taking the goals of turning the table by opportunity. The next important criterion will be the terms of trade.

LexaTrade scam

I’m ok with my gains, I used the money to buy MER. It went back to 268ish and it’s summer, I think it will climb back again and reached TP quicker this time. If you are using PCA, you buy shares monthly regardless of Buy or Hold status. It’s wise to invest JFC if you do it monthly and you have a Target Term following PCA. hi fehl what will happen to our money if the company has been delisted, thank you. sometime back i lost money due to delisted stocks , how can i avoid that from happening again in the future?

Reasons Why People Invest

So i guess it is best to buy them at a minimum of 8k as anything lower will be charged P20 anyway. I already flushed out my LRI broker stocks at 10.44/share last March 2 because I’m not seeing future quick movements. Besides I held them for 7 months already.

LexaTrade scam

And now I’m also using BDO Nomura and Metro Sec Pro for flipping stocks. I recently started investing because stock prices dropped this pandemic. I currently have shares in BDO, BPI, JFC, ALI and SMPH. Their prices are continuously rising but I want to buy more of their stocks. Is it okay if I buy more even if I acquired my current stocks in much lower prices?

We deleted BLOOM among our picks because we already sold our shares. Basically, when you purchase stocks, a loss of around 1.09% of gross amount will be shown in your portfolio that would be comprised of both the buying and selling fees. What you’ll see in your portfolio is the “NET market value” which is what you will receive if ever you decide to sell your position. What I’m sure of is that I want to start buying stocks right now while the prices are lower than ever. Also this seems to be a great time to start investing in stocks as well. I just waited for it to go up again and sold all my 800 shares at 5 plus. or you can try to buy another 1600 shares then sell all 2000 if you want to cut loss.

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You may sell your stocks once price is high . rockforex.uno is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 310% after 15 mins as minimal profit for investment. crypto-invest.top is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 2.1% Workdays Interest 0.9% Weekends Interest as minimal profit for investment.

I think bears are still in control , wait till close of the market this week if signal shows the “morning star”, likely we will see a bottom reversal bullish pattern. Have a look forex news after you log in to your COL account (Check on your Chart 1 Year/Week view. I’m not a professional trader it’s just an opinion based on my technical analysis. Good luck.

I have earned another lump sum from my wages and I wanted to invest it again to buy stocks. There are now more brokers right now that have online platform facilities. I think this article should be updated with the latest list of online trading brokers.

The best feature of eToro is the ability to copy a trader’s trade. So it becomes easy to be profitable. The only problem is to find who are the best traders.

But that is acceptable when news are breaking out. So far, I’m happy with this broker and I recommend them and sticking with them for the long term. Simply because of the $30 welcome bonus and other bonuses. Any kind of bonus is very important for a successful forex trading, any money added lexatrade to your capital is helpful. This article really help me to go for my dreams in stock market. I am currently working abroad and planning to be in stock trading in the near future. Is there any crash course for stock trading in the Philippines or someone who can be my tutor for this?

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Does it mean that we can buy anytime from these companies? Is it the same rule for the list of best Blue Chip Stocks? Do you have an updated best blue chip stocks? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to us readers. Day order, means your order is good for the trading day.

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